Fancy a little breakfast?

One down, so many more to go!  Image


I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s day! I went over to my parents house yesterday because my brother was making some breakfast for my mom. I know breakfast isn’t the hardest meal to make gluten free, but there is still quite a lot we’re missing out on. French toast, pancakes, donuts, annnnnd…(drum roll please)..cinnamon rolls! If you didn’t catch on yet, I am going to make cinnamon rolls this time around! The concept seems pretty easy, but getting the bread to be perfect and taste just like it came from Cinnabon, that might be the tough part. I have never made regular cinnamon rolls before, let alone gluten free ones. Needless to say..this will be interesting. 

The ingredients will be super easy. I’m hoping I can find everything I need without going to the store because I would assume that it requires the basics, which I have.

One thing I really want to look into is seeing if corn starch would cook/bake the same way flour does as an ingredient. My mom and I were recently talking about how dense gluten free flour is and then it just went off from there. We talked about how apple sauce can replace sugar, which is something I want to try, and after a little discussion we were stuck. I might try it one of these days just to see if corn starch really would bake the same way. If not..I might be creating a recipe for disaster. If anyone has any insight please let me know!! 

I’m excited to make these cinnamon rolls because as much as I love baking, I am not always in the mood for a cupcake. When it comes to cinnamon rolls on the other hand..I am ALWAYS in the mood for those haha. 

Looking forward to Wednesday and especially the weekend! Feel free to give me any insight about cinnamon rolls if you guys have ever attempted to make them before. Until then!


3 thoughts on “Fancy a little breakfast?

  1. Good luck with the cinnamon rolls. I do have a recipe on my blog, but I am still perfecting it (it’s not perfect yet). Now the soft white bread it good, but cinnamon buns are hard. Let me know if they turn out!

    1. I definitely will let you know! I kinda just threw some ingredients together. I would love to look at your recipe, but I’ll do that after I bake and try my recipe. Just so I don’t get any ideas and I try it completely “free handed”. haha If something goes wrong (most likely) I will definitely be looking your way for advice!

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